Streaming Forum speakers at BVE!


Metaliquid is Diamond Sponsor of the Streaming Forum, a tightly focused one-day event that features industry leaders sharing their expertise on the technical, business, and strategic issues facing the OTT market today. Tommaso Cesano, Metaliquid Business Strategist, will show to the most important players in the OTT industry how the adoption of artificial intelligence services enables them to offer enhanced User Experience to their viewers outdoing plain broadcast. Moreover, deep learning allows media companies and broadcasters to improve their Digital Asset Management enriching their contents with valuable metadata. At last, AI can also be used for editing automation of highlights in sports or other tv shows.


The streaming forum is a partner of BVE, the most important exhibition for the world of media and entertainment, which aims to transform the sector with taught-provoking ideas and ground-breaking innovations.

At BVE we are going to meet a large community of tech innovators and business leaders and have the unique opportunity to share with them our technology and discuss future of AI in the next generations of Smart TVs.

“Every year BVE allows its community to come together and further advance our industry through a combination of original ideas and cutting edge innovations” claimed Daniel Sacchelli, BVE Event Director, inviting all participants to enjoy the lively and productive atmosphere at London Excel’s.


We expect to be very inspired and we feel ready to explore new opportunities in this industry!