AI powered video content comprehension.

We apply neural networks and deep learning technology to analyze video and audio content. Our technology is able to process videos and identify in real-time thousands of concepts.

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TV and media dedicated services.

We developed our technology to support media companies and we constantly develop new features to meet the needs of this fast changing market.

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  • Video content asset management
  • Content discovery and analysis
  • Live experience
  • Video and TV advertising
  • Real time monitoring
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Our products

Each module that composes our AI solution is able to identify different concepts. The output of the semantic analysis is the result of the logical combination of these concepts.

In order to meet specific customer needs the modules can be combined in order to fit the semantic output's required depth. Each module can be considered as a standalone service and it can be trained to satisfy tailored solutions.

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We’re a fast growing team!

@metaliquid fresh digital natives and seasoned media industry experts (backed by over ten years of related field-work) are side-by-side to design and develop the next generation of AI for semantic analysis of video content.

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