TV and media dedicated services

We have years of experience in both TV and media, machine learning and advanced analytics. And obviously we're also viewers.

We designed our product thinking of both leveraging the business value of content and of what experience and services we would love as end clients.

Metaliquid services are thought to boost the opportunities in:


Content discovery and analysis.

Viewer specific recommendations is the best way to keep the user engaged with its preferred content.

Video on Demand is changing viewers role which are not anymore only an audience but active users, that wish to have greater control than ever before over what they watch, when they watch and how they watch.

Content discovery is one of the most important features offered to viewers. By understanding content as a viewer perceives it we provide media companies high quality data which can improve the technology that powers content discovery features.


Live experience and real time monitoring.

Live video is the next big thing. Many different applications will boost its potential thanks to real time analysis.

Live video is everywhere. We are used to experience live video in the entertainment and sports industry where Metaliquid can support broadcasters in delivering premium experiences and offering more interactivity. But digital video has expanded its use and today everyone has the possibility to stream content.

The power of real time analysis combined with specific neural net training enables the delivery of valuable insights to many of these new markets. Real time monitoring and video analysis can empower services not only in the media industry, they create value also in the machine automation, health and smart cities industries.


Video content asset management.

Powerful features to organize and search digital video content .

Media companies deal everyday with a huge catalogue of content which is constantly growing in quantity and quality to meet customers’ expectations. Data extracted from content is the key to transform their catalogue, which represents their most important asset, into added value and high end services.

Our service modules identify several concepts in each scene and creates a semantic analysis of the video. Digital content can thus be managed according to specific needs and categories, leveraging its business value.


Video and TV advertising.

Contextual advertising is the key to achieve the best brand positioning and meet viewers taste and interests.

Metaliquid AI technology opens new opportunities for advertisiers and brands in the evolving TV and media landscape.

Market players need to gather deep data in order to offer brands the most valuable posititoning.

Our services enable context relevant ads related both to contextual sentiment, content and viewers interests and taste, creating the best engagement scenarios.