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Ci occupiamo di digital services e creatività digitali attraverso esperienze, contenuti, interfacce e dati, sempre
guidati da strategie digitali innovative.

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Use Cases

Media & Broadcast

Metaliquid supports Broadcasters and Media companies in extracting metadata from media contents (live streaming or archive) and generates new business opportunities:

  • Fast production:
    Speed up the production process enabling editors to search video by keyword and automatically create new clips.
  • Contextual advertising:
    Improve brand exposure measurement and increase viewers' impression and engagement by contextual advertising.
  • Custom highlights:
    Unlock hyper-personalized content consumption. Give a new level of control to subscribers by enabling them to select highlight reels that focus on people or topics of interest.
  • Content moderation:
    Detect inappropriate content which contains sensual and explicit nudity, sex, violence. Accurate timestamps and coordinates of flagged content enables easy editing.

Retail & Large-Scale

AI has become the key to improve the real-world shopping experience. Video analysis can support companies in the retail sector in several functions, such as

  • In-store analytics:
    Get detailed info about patterns, product attractiveness, and bottleneck in all store areas by tracking customers and measuring their dwell-time with heatmap analytics.
  • Product recognition:
    Improve the real-world shopping experience and recognize the product you need in-store or remote by taking a photo on your mobile and purchase it directly.
  • Warehouse monitoring:
    Check products in the warehouse by taking a photo; the AI will recognize and count them for you.

Safety &

Computer vision can boost safety and security, guaranteeing 24 hours monitoring with exceptional performance and accuracy

  • Covid-19 prevention measures:
    Brake the spread of Coronavirus by monitoring social distancing and protecting mask use. Control people's access to indoor space and detect body temperature in real-time.
  • PPE detection / man down:
    Monitor Protective Personal Equipment (PPE) use in the workplace, preventing critical situations..
  • Access control:
    Prevent intrusions by recognizing authorized people to access restricted areas.

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